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You Know Christmas Is Nearly Here...


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...because the greatest hits packages have started rolling out. I've rounded up five of the biggest players and given my two cents on each. Luckily best-ofs aren't really about sales or charts, because if they were it would all be over before it began given that Taylor Swift looks set to ride out the rest of 2010 in the Top 5 of the Billboard 200.


The Best Of | Nelly Furtado

I have the worst sense of time, I actually cannot believe it's been almost ten years since 'I'm Like a Bird' was released. I've been a fan ever since, but I don't really feel that enough hits have been achieved to warrant a best-of. Granted, she hasn't pulled a Hilary Duff (released after two years in the industry :rolleyes: ), but I would've liked to see another studio album squeezed in before this dropped. She also loses points for the drab cover and generic title.

Best Tracks: 'Turn Off The Light', '...On The Radio (Remember The Days)', 'Powerless (Say What You Want)', 'Promiscuous', 'Say It Right'.


Greatest Hits... So Far!! | P!nk

As cnd pointed out, this has huge potential to be the highest selling album of the year here in Australia. And in this country at least, almost every single on it was a smash. Unlike Nelly Furtado, P!nk has the luxury of picking and choosing from a rich catalogue, so much so that her singles discography wasn't simply burned to disc; notably absent are 'U Make Me Sick', 'Feel Good Time', and (for God knows what reason) 'Most Girls'. I'm more than a little peeved the latter was left off in place of, say, 'Bad Influence' (a hit that really wasn't). I get that she's not that artist anymore, but the fact remains it was a certified hit single - moreso than 'There You Go', which stays. But, the package is probably the strongest of the genre this Christmas, so kudos to her.

Best Tracks: 'Just Like a Pill', 'Who Knew', 'So What', 'Glitter In The Air', 'Fuckin' Perfect'.


Greatest Hits | Bon Jovi

Another unoriginal title, but I'll forgive them that given their legacy. Still one of the biggest bands in the world today, this is (somewhat) long overdue, and obviously offers much more than their previous best-of; 1994's Cross Road. The set is two-disc and covers almost everything, including Jon Bon Jovi's first solo venture, 'Blaze Of Glory'. I'm seeing them live in a month's time and cannot wait - I grew up with these guys and have been dreaming of the day I cross them off my concert wishlist.

Best Tracks: 'Livin' On a Prayer', 'It's My Life', 'Always', 'Keep The Faith', 'I'll Sleep When I'm Dead'.


In And Out Of Consciousness: Greatest Hits 1990-2010 | Robbie Williams

1990? Really? Didn't think so. Robbie Williams obviously preferred the look of a 20-year career span in the title, so he's opted for that rather than the fourteen years he's actually been a solo artist. Seemingly shit out just in time to capitalise on his much-hyped reunion with Take That (it's his second best-of in six years), the set has some truly great pop moments. However, as has become his frustrating style, it turns out to be only half a great album. Overall I'd say it's worth it, but be warned: for every 'Angels' there's a 'Millennium' fighting you every step of the way.

Best Tracks: 'Angels', 'Tripping', 'Lovelight', 'Kids', 'Come Undone'.


The Hits Collection, Vol. 1 | Jay-Z

Stretching all the way back to 1996, it's strange (or not) to think Jay-Z didn't celebrate the success of a Top 5 single until duetting with Beyoncé on 2002's ''03 Bonnie & Clyde'. And that his only number one single is largely thanks to Alicia Keys' soaring vocal which lifted 'Empire State Of Mind' skyscraper high. Nevertheless, there is a lot of solid work here, from the early days which introduced his honest brand of storytelling; 'Can't Knock The Hustle' (assisted by a crack-era Mary J. Blige), to the present day, which has seen his tracks lean more towards a pop audience (the scorching 'Run This Town'). Snoop Dogg and Eminem aside, there aren't too many rappers who could put together a best-of with any meat on its bones, so for that alone, Jay-Z should be applauded.

Best Tracks: 'Empire State Of Mind', 'Can't Knock The Hustle', 'Run This Town', 'I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)', '99 Problems'.

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Nelly should've released another studio album instead of a compilation (it feels like an eternity since Loose). And I agree with you about her lack of hits to warrant a compilation. But at least what she's released in the past has been good.

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