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2014 Planet Janet Forum Awards - Happening Now In The Awards Sub Forum!

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LOL Game is a hoot!

Not that old man trying to get his rocks off to Bu's experiences!

"Tell me what you did!! More Details!!"



Experiences meaning things that actually happened, right? :unsure:

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Voting is now open for the 2014 Forum Awards! Directions: Simply click on the name of the award and cast your vote in the poll provided. You may select only one winner in each category. The polls h

I thought I would host. Who wants to get in on the selfie?

lksjdfnajks, WHORES. Trynna get me in trouble with muh lawd and Saviour when yall know that im not a homosexual. ITS ABOUT TO GO DOWN

I thought I would host. Who wants to get in on the selfie?

Well you're the producer... and you need a big name for ratings sake... and who other than I am better at getting attention/ratings

plus I have a large inventory of jokes :shifty:

Tho I mostly want to present an award or two

TE is the new Angie, it's only right he hosts ^_^

There is only one Angie...


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