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New Michael Jackson album scrutinized!!!!!!


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Is It Michael, Or Is It Memorex?

Nearly a year and a half after Michael Jackson's shocking death, the public's appetite for all things Thrilling remains voracious. So to feed that need, this week it was announced that a Jackson-themed Cirque Du Soleil show directed by MJ's Dangerous Tour choreographer Jamie King is in the works, and, even more thrillingly, that an album of all-new unreleased Michael material, no-brainingly titled Michael, will be in stores in time for the holidays. But perhaps the more suitable title for that album should be This Is It?, because according to Michael's own children and mother, some of the songs on the album are fakes. .

Three to five of the 10-12 tracks on Michael, out December 14 on Sony, were allegedly recorded at the New Jersey home of producer Eddie Cascio in 2007, when Michael and his children stayed there for four months working on remixes for the 25th-anniversary reissue of Thriller. Michael's son, Prince Michael, said this week that none of what he heard recorded then matches what he hears now on Michael, and that he believes the Cascio cuts were recorded posthumously by a Michael soundalike. Prince's sister, Paris, corroborated these claims--as did Michael's mother, Katherine, during an Oprah interview. Joe Jackson, Michael's dad, also protested the songs via a statement by his attorney..

Sony reps, of course, claim they have performed voice-authentication tests with "sound experts" who concluded that the vocals on the album indeed belong to none other than the King Of Pop. The label also issued a teaser preview of one of the Cascio-produced songs, "Breaking News," so that fans could listen to it and judge for themselves. However, since the teaser was almost entirely instrumental, except for a couple yelps in the final seconds, it didn't really do much to dispel the Jackson clan's claims.


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If you ask me...I think the estate planted these stories in the media to create buzz.

..and it's working. It's that little extra controversy that will intrigue someone that may not be necessarily interested in a new Mike Jack album.

It's brilliant marketing (if that's the case)...Michael would LOVE it! :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:

Then again, maybe I'm wrong...and some in the family just have issue with this new project for whatever reason. :unsure: Either way, we'll see on Monday via Oprah's interview...

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