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Oprah is playing a pimp in her next movie


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Oprah Winfrey's been cast to play Richard Pryor's grandmother -- a cruel and abusive lady pimp -- in the upcoming biopic directed by O's pal Lee Daniels.

Pryor's widow, Jennifer, tells TMZ ... Oprah got hold of the script, and was desperate to play Marie Carter -- the woman who raised Pryor in her brothel in Peoria, Illinois ... and who was known to beat him. As we told you ... Mike Epps scored the Pryor role. 

We're told Oprah really wanted to play Grandma Carter because she's anxious to show her gritty side -- after her 'Butler' performance -- and let's face it ... there's not much grittier than an abusive grandma running a whorehouse while raising a kid.  


Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2014/08/26/oprah-winfrey-playing-richard-pryor-grandmother-madam-biopic-movie-mike-epps/#ixzz3Bfen7I1f



I.FUCKING.LOVE THIS!!!! I am ready for Oprah to slay in another movie after the life she gave in The Butler, and especially since it's a dirty gritty role, I AM READY, and I know what its about, she wants that Oscar/nomination.


Im just ready for this movie to be made

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well she has been pimping the game since she started working in television. so its not far off. im more excited for Mike Epps, this could be what he needs to really challenge the Kevin Hart machine instead of hating on the sideline. good for him. I wonder what role will Mariah play, you know Lee loves Mariah.

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Knowing what I know of Richards story fairly well, this has the potential to be for Oprah what Precious was for Mo'Nique. What's sad is if it works and Oprah does get her statue, we already know people are going to run with "black women gotta play maids, or slaves, or poor, or angry and abusive bitches to win a Oscar". Sad that that MIGHT be true, but at least they're getting them,and opening the door for more black women to get them in a wider variety of roles in the future.

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