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The 94 Little Rascals 20th Anniversary reunion photoshoot


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Literally haven't seen this movie in 20 years, but I remember bits and pieces - maybe now's a good time to rewatch it. Too bad they didn't redo his hair up into that vertical line thing lol ~ cuz it's iconic tbh

You had better, LOL that's a REALLY good movie and it holds up, maybe it's because I grew up watching it all the time, but I think it holds up pretty well, and is written pretty solidly and Im tough on kid actors as a adult about their performances but these kids all worked it

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I've never seen this all the way through  :ph34r:


I will eventually -_-


As soon as possible sis  -_-

Ch...nothing like the original Rascals.  Yeah, I'm showing my age. :umm:

Eh, I LOVE our gang, but this movie holds a more special place for me because I didn't discover the original Our Gang until I was a bit older (like 8-9), wheres this movie was when I was 4, and I played this mutherfucker all the time


Wasn't that in like the 50s or some shit :unsure:

late 20's-40's, by the 50's the kids were already starting to die off

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Not Alfafa beign in this episode of Charmed I'm watching :jonny:

LOL I KNOW!!! I noticed that when I was doing my marathon lol. He's the only 1 of them still doing the hollywood thing, and has a pretty respectable career with it, I mean he's not starring in Billion dollar movies but his credits are nice, he's working every year, bam!

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