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Janet's Icon story


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I don't know about you guys, but 1 of my MOST favorite things about Janet's MTV Icon special was the chapters of her story and hearing her tell it, and what she says and how she says it, there were alot of times I watched this special JUST for the story, so I decided to make a version that's JUST the story,so check it out & enjoy.


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My 3 favorite chapters are the Music Video 1, the Velvet Rope 1 (the intro alone....), the Control 1 (from "I wanted my own identity SO bad, it wasn't even funny" like she was REAL with that lol), & the Rhythm Nation 1


Side eye at the commentary of the fan 1 with "Ever Since The Rhythm Nation Era Janet has nurtured her relationship with her fans, she connects with them, cares about them, and goes out of her way not to make any of them feel excluded"....until 2012 LOFL JP JP, cause what's funny to think about is even in her absence, we get fan reports of seeing her and talking to her, like she's been still extending herself, and that's cool, and for me that's still really comforting and also a sign all is well....now the no taking a pic thing.....but other than that I love hearing she met with fans and bought their drinks and talked for like an hour, then had a very private birthday Q&A with the France fans, she's not as available as I and I'm sure many of us would want her to be, but in he own way & right she's still available I guess, that's comforting.

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