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TLC wants your money to fund new album...

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Watch everybody sue their ass . This was a bad idea from the start... If a label aint willing to put their coins on you then...   I understand that they are used to big things but thats not where th

Tlc has never had a shit album... u must be confusing them with that otha big girl group.. what's their name? 

Well said, I'll also add.......     WE GET IT, you don't like the move, or don't get the move, or don't respect the move or don't understand the move, but they did it, and they're successful with i

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:lmao: never gets old


I heard through the grapevine that the album is nearly finished?

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I'm DYYYYYYYYYYYING to hear it, the tracklist names alone just got me dying for a listen!

Any idea on when it's coming? I'm interested to hear it and to see if maybe they used Lisa on it. 

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And Chilli said its gonna have interludes (which they were known for like Janet) !!!!! :excited:  

They saying its throwback 90s feel... authentic TLC all the way. This sounds exciting , nostalgia out the ass!!! :excited:  

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