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The Janet Jackson Twitter Challenge

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@ Fran Dresser saying "Trust A Try" ..that was unexpected since most have named actual singles. Thats dope, that means Fran knows Janet's music beyond juss radio spins.

Calm down :lol: he knows the name of the song, he was juss being clever with his response. Janet is his FAV female artist ..he has indirectly made that clear numerous times.

Oh Ok.  I was going to say.  The title of the song is pretty obvious.  

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Jackée Harry@JackeeHarry 6h6 hours ago

Jackée Harry retweeted Buyoncé

Rope Burn, and yes. #AskJackee

Jackée Harry added,

Buyoncé @buyonce_

@buyonce_: What is your favourite Janet Jackson song, @JackeeHarry? Have you ever met her? #AskJackee


Yes, I'm only here for the celebs that are naming NON SINGLES... shows they are "REAL" Janet fans.. so far Fran Dresher and Jackee has impressed and surprised me.

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