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Surviving Planet Janet 101

Mr. Wonder

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Surviving Planet Janet 101

It has been brought to my attention by The Management that things have been getting out of order 'round hurr, which is a lot considering the zoo this place is. :umm: Folks getting dragged and read worse than ever. Piepie showing off her goodies. Hotboy being celibate. Angie being online more. This place has been like the twilight zone. :rolleyes: And I'm here for Technicolor. :rolleyes:

There's gonna be some new girls joining soon ( :shifty: ) so the survival tips need to be laid out:

1. Remember Who You're Here For


This is Planet JANET. She is the ONLY bitch that matters here. Angie's Blood/Crip/MS-13 boyfriends work long hours to keep this board going. Respect her and that. It is very much so okay to stan for other artists - TOF also stans for a medical mystery, Hotboy stans for a Legend, and DJ-Y2K stans for a non singing billy goat. But remember, you are here for Janet. There's no need to shade Janet to defend whatever flop you stan for. Doing so will get you called out and/or dragged.

Example 1:

Example 2:

2. Forum Buddies Are Essential


Forum allies not only greater your chances of survival, but also build your popularity. Whenever you're pressed about Beysus involved in a debate, argument, fight, etc, you can always count on your forum buddy to see eye-to-eye with you and understand your point of view. Count on your forum buddy to agree with your posts, laugh at your gifs, chat about the size of Angie's rack, etc. Everyone on the forum will associate you two as Laverne & Shirley, and thus your popularity grows.

Example of forum buddies - Hotboy & Lexi, Blatin & SloLove, Hotboy & DJ-Y2K (notice how Hotboy gets passed around :whistle: )

Example 2 -

3. Don't Be Late


When you see a thread that's on the second, third, or twenty-second page, don't rehash it. The thread is over. No one cares about your fucking opinion. Being late also refers to posting news late, or just making pointless threads. Be sure to browse the first page of either the Janet section or the Beyonce section Free Xone section before making a thread. It avoids cluttering up the pages, and forumers using it as a reason to belittle you. If it's not an official thread for another artist or a Janet thread, just don't bother.

Example 1 -

Example 2 -

Example 3 -

4. Don't Be Pressed


That's a lovely picture of DejaVU. :blush:

This goes back to having a forum buddy. When you're a one man band, you can't just try your puss with any and everyone. Being pressed is a sign of weakness, and it is only the catalyst for your forum enemies you make you even more pressed. Simple comments that are directed towards the pressed is only bait for you to become more pressed. It is only okay to be pressed when it comes to Janet debates and miscellaneous debates about politics, society, etc.

Example 1 -

5. You Don't Have Any Leverage With The Admin/Mods


The mods don't like you. Get over it. No matter how many times you PM them your nudes or rocks you sell. In order for the mods to be fair to everyone (yes, even Xternal), they can not show any favoritism towards anyone. That's just the way love goes. However, this does not rule constantly asking, nagging, demanding (only if you're Nuk cuz he's sassy :shifty: ), or begging. :whistle: The Church of Janhova's Witnesses is still collecting an offering to cover the medical bills for when Angie needed a triple bypass after a certain someone (we all know who) PMed her their nudes. ohboy.gif

Example 1 -

6. Yes, Stupid People Exists In The Cyber World


There comes a time in every forumer's e-life that they realize ppl in the e-world are just plain stupid. I don't believe people are stupid, but a series of stupid comments, leads to a person being stupid. No one is REALLY stupid, it's the things they say that make other's question their IQ, high school diploma (if they have one), or their up bringing. Everyone is different yes, but there's no reason for some of the foolishness posted. If it sounds stupid in your head, it's gonna gonna sound worse when posted. Think your comments, positions, opinions, etc through before you post them. Arguing with lesser girls has its pros and cons - it makes YOU look smarter, the con is that it's nothing but time wasted (and gives you a headache). The best thing you can do is direct them to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNrzbSd5N6E.

Example 1 -

7. Mix And Mingle

Planet Janet is your only other option to be anti-Janet-Xone. Now that KETA is back, we no longer have to go there for news. She can just steal jack it from J|X and post it here. You are going to be here with us for X amount of days. Janet has brought us here. And you will be here for X amount of days. So you might as well get to know the ppl, and enjoy your time here. Know who is the forum clown, the forum brain, the forum idiot, the fun drunk, the forumer that does too much, etc.

Example 1 -

8. No One Is Forcing You To Read The Threads


Last time I checked, not nann one of ya'll has a gun pointed to your head forcing you to read the threads. When you log on to PJ, and you see an 8 page thread about something, DON'T ACT DUMB. :rolleyes: You've been a member of JJ.net Inc. long enough to know that an 8 page thread means there's an argument going on, someone's fighting, mindless off-topic chit-chatter, etc. If you want to avoid a headache, don't click in the thread. If you do, THERE'S A REASON WHY YOUR COMPUTER COMES EQUIPPED WITH A "SCROLL" KEY. Don't come in threads talking about how tired of it you are. You've been tired of it for 6 years. I ain't got time. :rolleyes:

Example 1 -

9. Know What To Expect


This board is full of butch lesbians, transgenders, ThatOtherFan, and stunt queens. You should know what topics to expect. There are going to be threads about sex, because heeeellllooooo it's a Janet board. TwistedElegance™ likes to talk about music. Dayz, she likes to talk about men and relationships. Cowboi and DownAznBoi like to talk about random stuff like ppl who mud wrestle with random animals for grocery money. Roc likes to talk about sexually explicit things that we would otherwise find unacceptable. And you can never be too sure with Nuk. :umm: Don't complain when you see their threads pop up from time to time. Either discuss, or don't bother with the thread.

10. We Know What You're Talking About


On average, there's a thread made once every hour on here. Some threads are short and right to the point, some are long and drawn out. When someone posts a long article, or a series of pictures, you don't need to quote the entire post. It's annoying. :rolleyes: Just respond regularly. We'll know what you're responding to. Quoting long posts makes pages longer than they need to be. If you want to respond to a certain part, it doesn't take long to edit out the excess text to get to the part you want to respond to.

Example 1 -

Example 2 -

11. Use The Good Old Noggin'


Many say "this is just a forum", but that's the common cop out idiots use to avoid having to think. This is a message board that is broadcast to the world, and you don't want to look like an idiot in front of 6 billion+ people. This is your chance to either look educated or like a jackass. As you post on the board, think about what you're saying and how you're saying it. Sometimes your "bluntness" can come across as rude or offensive. Make sure what you're saying is well thought out and not just mindless jibber-jabber. There's a "Preview Post" button there for a reason. Use it.

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

12. Have Fun.


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