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Surviving Planet Janet 101

Mr. Wonder

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OK... you know that point 8 doesn't apply to Angie or the mods, right?

I wrote it to address everyone who complains about the arguing. Just about everyone on this board has been a member of JJ.net for AT LEAST 3 years. We all know how it goes down on this board, so acting like everyone is on a fresh slate is ridiculous. We all have different opinions on the topics that are posted here. We disagree, we argue, we get over it minutes later. That's the way it has always been. That's the way it's always gonna be. I'm sure you've noticed, that we do this a lot. We've all called each other all kinds bitches and idiots, and no one has taken it seriously or gotten pressed enough to the point where they actually take it to a level it doesn't need to be at.

So implementing a rule forbidding personal attacks in arguments is ridiculous.

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