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Surviving Planet Janet 101

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Surviving Planet Janet 101 It has been brought to my attention by The Management that things have been getting out of order 'round hurr, which is a lot considering the zoo this place is. Folks get

Funny how you omitted yourself for stanning for another artist like you do for Beyzebel. And having a forum buddy that co-signs as well..

It's true lipton.

Yea. I'll be free this weekend, so I want to outline what needs to be done and maybe get help with putting it together.

i was gonna say ill make sure no crazies get into the awards but then the show would be empty :whistle:

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Is there an official welcome thread?

I've been "lost" for about a year and just found this site while cleaning up junk in my old aol account.

Fill me in people.

How is everybody?

No, you just leap into the mix and holler ;)

Wut up thumbup1.gif

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I used to spend half my work day on the old jj.com, but got a promotion two years ago, and fell out the loop.

I missed you guys, even though I was a semi lurker.

I need to add a signature and stuff.

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