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Surviving Planet Janet 101

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Surviving Planet Janet 101 It has been brought to my attention by The Management that things have been getting out of order 'round hurr, which is a lot considering the zoo this place is. Folks get

Funny how you omitted yourself for stanning for another artist like you do for Beyzebel. And having a forum buddy that co-signs as well..

It's true lipton.

:lmao: :lmao:

Thats the predictable one to use..I wanted to give the ....

"I cant wait to get off the set to go back to my trailer becuz I know Bobby gone be waiting wit dat good shit!!!!!!!"


seeing that killed me :lmao: i didnt expect it

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Hotboy being celibate.

Hotboy stans for a Legend

Example of forum buddies - Hotboy & Lexi, Blatin & SloLove, Hotboy & DJ-Y2K (notice how Hotboy gets passed around :whistle: )

You tried all this you pretentious bitch.. :rolleyes: Your partly cloudy shade was cute.. :blush::lmao:

Good job..


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