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Surviving Planet Janet 101

Mr. Wonder

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I don't stan for Beyonce. Defending ≠ stanning. And no forum buddy cosigns my posts. Hotboy, let's not. :coffee:

Let's..I have 30 minutes to spare.. :shifty:

ok now whos the dumb blonde :rolleyes: just forget i can easily make another buddy :rolleyes:<_<:coffee:

OMG..You're rattled because of the buddy thing! :lmao: We are buddies.. :sigh: You should be mad at Austin for writing that.. :lmao:

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Let's not pull the wool over the chirren eyes dear. You are a stan of Beyzebel. That line about almost being a stan was a farce.

And isn't Henry your forum buddy.. :shifty:

I don't do wool in the winter. Chinchilla. Nothing less. :rolleyes: And you have no proof. B)

Nope. We're the same person. You know how some ppl can throw their voice? I can throw my account. B):shifty:

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