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http://twitter.com/JanetJackson/status/599424727409504256     YES! It's really happening! :excited: JANET IS COMING!!! :excited:

OMG this is taking me back to the days when I used to get up at the crack of dawn to buy a new Janet CD, desperately tear off the package, and sit at the FYE parking lot, listen to the whole album, re

Please do not start with the sales talk. When she hasn't come out with something, we complained. Now that she's coming out with something we start analyzing sales. I just want a great era: great albu

I rode for the queen during the dark years (20 yo, weekend, FHM spread, discipline era) when so many fans were jumping ship. Now everyone wanna hop back on the bandwagon now that she's back and fabulous.

I don't think there's any debate about anyone on this board not genuinely being here for Janet.

It's pretty dead and there's not much drama around these parts so I'm pretty sure everyone on here is here for one purpose. And that's Janet.

Unless you're talking in general. :lol:

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