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Old Skool Jan Fam Members You Miss?


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Make a list of them peeps from the olden days that you miss seeing around here.


Here's ones off the top of muh head:


Darren (remember when his naughty bits leaked all over the forum???)


Cole (I think that's his name, he's a boy from Ireland...)




Sphenx <_<


LoveProfusion :ph34r:


Shadyglow :wub:


DJTyGA <_<


PIE :wub:




Devine :wub:



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:lol: And you'd be soooo right :lol:

To be honest I'm not sure what compelled me to come back but I check this place everyday now :lol:

It's rumblings of Janet -_-

Like in Narnia. "Aslan's on the move." Janet is our Aslan. -_- come to rescue us from the White Witch :ph34r:

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