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I LOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE IT, personally, I kinda discovered it thanks to Ian Cross's Facebook, Norm knows what I'm talking about, on Ian's facebook, under employers it said something like "Janet Jackson Records" (something like that I don't remember if that was it specifically), BUT after she shut him up & did the whole "from my lips" thing, he erased that off his profile, but that put the thought in my mind of "what if she's starting her own label" This is such a boss move, proud of her, hope they get a ton of success beyond just her.

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LMFAO... this is exactly what i said when i texted Dee and Mod about these news :lol: 


You can tell that she is in charge cuz everything is being released WHEN she says :wub:

Let me find out that she has been gone all this time to study business law, you know the thing she wanted to go to school for to begin with.


This label is such a good look. Im trying to get signed. >_<

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I'm getting a lot of pushback on that "arguably the first African-American woman to start her own record label."

People are telling me that Betty Carter had Bet-Car records; Solange has Saint Records; Mariah Carey had two labels, MonarCh Records and Mirage Records; Sylvia Robinson had Sugar Hill Records....

What do y'all thnk about that?

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