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Unbreakable Tour


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She really does...I can tell she wasn't really feeling the crowd as much as she can do...I don't really remember hearing people sing when she asked them to. But she def zoned in on the people who were showing love around the front.

It annoys me to see people filming with their phones....I even told my friend off for doing that (though I loved watching the footage in the morning.) 

This couple walked in 3/4 into the show and started taking selfies :blink: I was like ...really?<_<

the lady beside me had a phone with a camera extender, security came up to her and shut her down quick, ive seen this twice now between Janet and Justin, folks being told NOT to film the show. I personally dont believe in that, because I want to enjoy myself, not hold a phone steady. I will take clips to show later but thats more a receipt thing :)

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i just want to put this into context, with Mike over at the other board, so its not like im coming outta left field, this is what he posted before the show standing in front row:

"I will not be tweeting, facebooking, janet.clubbing, periscoping, instant messaging, or instagramming, .....


okay I get it, you're going to enjoy the show, but do you really have to broadcast that negative energy? Read between the lines here, what he's saying is IM HERE AND YOURE NOT ! ...which made me think how old is he again? :unsure: I was at the show and didnt do any of the things he mentioned either, but I didnt feel a need to broadcast it like some privilege I have and you dont either, but thats just me :coffee: so yea I didnt meet Mike a second time :lol:

Thank you for reminding me of my experience! :D cant believe its coming up to a year ago. And to think by this time the album wasnt in my life!It really was a great night...

As for the comment above ^^ i never read it as that...i actually saw as quite a positive comment - i wont be focusing on my phone (as some may expect) by actually living and breathing the show...i think thats cool...not that it really matters now but hey...

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