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Unbreakable Tour


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I hate that. I wish she would do something like you have to show the last 4 digits of your credit card to get your tickets or something like that. Is there a password for presale?

I don't understand how in 2015 they still haven't figured out a better way to filter them out but anyway!

My venue had two presales: one for American Express cardholders (which didn't even require a code, I don't even think it matters what card you pay with) and one for the pre-order bundle. For that one you had to pre-order the album from her website and you got the presale code emailed to you. That's the one I used.

I'd post the code but it appears to be personalized, like it's a bunch of random letters and numbers rather than a simple five-letter word anyone can use at any venue.

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I love that she's trending on FB 

And its 2pacs bday tuesday so both Janet and 2pac will be trending together tomorrow. ^_^  Now everyone knows the tour is coming.  BET may finally say who the hell is getting this award  :umm:  You know Wendell will have something to say.  This is janets week on social media. 

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