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new Janet snippet "NO SL333P" real snippet

DJ Y2K Malone™

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Youre cooooooooll with it? Werent you thw one just last week saying you hope the music in that anmouncement clip wasnt the FIRST single? Becus its not "grand" enough for a comeback?

NO I said I wanted her to save it for the album and hoped the single would be something we hadn't heard at all, the music in the announcement was fine...I,'m beginning to wonder if you folks can read ....because you infer things that were never said

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I can't stop listening to it.

I have the same excitement for this song that I had for "That's the Way Love Goes" when the album version first hit radio. I sense a hit.

YESSS>. This youngins don't understand.. Janet is 49 not a 19 year old wanna be like that chick that can't dance or sing... 

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Can anyone decipher the lyrics?

I'll give it a go:

It's fait accompli

We ain't gonna get no sleeep.

A vision running 'round in my head

But I don't really talk about it

I'm loving what you're doing to me

And I don't wanna do without it


Day and night

I dream of us doing whatever

But I guess I'll have to wait

Until that day comes


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