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BURNITUP Released to iTUNES + YouTube Stream

Rock & Roll Hall of Game

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It was posted on her official soundcloud account so i guess it does count?! either way they took it down but not before i got it *fixes mascara* . 

The last part of the track is even better but yeah, sorry guys... They took it down -_- I can still play it as long as i dont close the window :lol: 


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I really hate you :rolleyes: I want the video tbh...to see Janet dancing the house down while giving me Drew Barrymore Firestarter teas would be everything. Come through pyrokinesis!

lmao... You gonna love it and wait till that freaking last part of the song to kicks in. It begs for a huge dancebreak.

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im getting irritated! :rolleyes: she needs to go ahead and drop that sangle...then folks posting low quality loops, chile I cant

You can still feel the #BOP :rolleyes: The HQ just makes everything crisp and bigger nothing else :lol: 

She gonna drop the HQ for the rest of the fans at midnight ^_^ 

The radio edit doesn't include the No Acid interlude like the HQ does.

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