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Dammn Baby Appreciation Thread

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I don't know if a thread has already been created and don't really care tbh because this deserves more than one thread.


This is so fire. :wub::wub: Im suppose to be working but I can't stop milly rocking at my desk. Pushh Through Damita Jo! 

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"I wish me being happy didn't make you so sad... L.U.T.F.A." (Leave us the fuck alone) 

OMG have y'all heard this in your car especially if you have sound system? Euphoria for your ears! I blast it while driving and when I get off work or if i'm going somewhere where I don't take the mai

Okay, this is probably my favorite song on the album. The song does warrant an unofficial remix from Daddy Wap tho, that auto-tuned melodic approach is kinda his thing right now.  Musically, her phras

Im on Hour 10 of this being on REPEAT.,.its playing as im typing this. Its been so long since ive been soooo addicted to a janet song....omg tgis takes me back to my younger days. 



Damn BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! > Life 

Yessss - I wish I could hear this in the club but I doubt that I ever will.

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Ya same ol' song
Is draggin me down
Not good for my body
Change it up
Cuz it ain't nothing like
Having your own ID
My lanes been stuck
I've never been afraid
To swich oh no not me
And they show me love
For being original

shittin' in ya favs :coffee: 

Are those confirmed? :umm:  Cus I need to know so I can sing along.

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You're welcome.  It's all about listening to these songs with some earphones.  Black Eagle and 2 Be Loved are speaking to me now, it switches with each listen.....the harmonies in 2 Be Loved are heaven.  Aww shit my song is coming on "Well Travelled".  

Im having audio issues, my over bloated comp has beats audio which I think competes with the audio of itunes and the two cancel each other, I have yet to figure out how they work correctly because either the music is so loud it cancels out sounds, or its too turned down... :sigh:

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I'm all over Dammn Baby now!!!!!  I had to read the lyrics while listening to the song.  The "Dammn Baby" got me right away but the production is amazing and the lyrics and delivery slay.  Dammn Janet!!!!!  I have not been slayed like this since The Velvet Rope!!!!!  That lower register of hers kills me.  

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