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Once you know, you can't not know...

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When the transistion from Lessons Learned (which i also love) goes into to black eagle it gives me the chills. Sorta like when youre listening to VR and 'What About' starts to begin. Im just like 'Janet about to kill this'.

I show the 'what about' performance from that vh1 show to everyone. Anyone who doubts janet, says she cant sing, or shes some manufactured pop non artist, i show them that performance and they shut up.

A Black Eagle performance would slayyyyyyyy.


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BITCH! She said that shit. 'Black Eagle' is INCREDIBLE!

We all need to do better....

It really is beautiful!  I want to see her sing this dressed like Stevie Nicks with dozens of shawls wrapped around her, entrancing the whole audience by giving us not only a beautiful vocal but give us a beautiful performance with her eyes and mannerisms.  Janet let your inner witch shine through!  Spin witch spin witch! :lmao:  I would die happy! 

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