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Beyonce's new single deemed another ‘Crazy In Love’

DJ Y2K Malone™

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You're just dumb. And I didn't imply it...when I said you had a bigger fail when adding "RN" should make that clear :sigh:

aww someone is angry. It's okay dear. As Stated you failed when you couldn't answer the question i initially asked you. I Asked you to tell me how the songs are similar, you said "because they fall into the category of pussy popping music she likes to make"....I Didn't Ask you what category the songs fall under. Category does not equate similarities. Nor does genre. Nor does being an Up tempo. When you learn the definition of similarity then maybe you can be entitled to call someone dumb until then Have several seats.

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And it's obviously you aren't since you've clearly displayed failed reading skills and was constantly assuming :dance: I would say it's okay to be stupid, but it's not :tear:

No matter how many times you font the same thing over and over will not change the fact that you failed on arrival. I quote on quote failed at reading skills and you have yet the learn the meaning of similarity. i guess that makes for two stupid people right?

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