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Janet and crew behind the scenes while in Hawaii


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Put some black folks on that payroll, J!


I think she got a few that's actually in the band and background singers but I don't like Gil bringing his fam and friends into Janet's circle. Hell there's probably people out there who are way more qualified and are true die hard fans of Janet that wanted to work with her but nope cause Gil got his team in there now getting paid smh. Oh well

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Agreed. Thing is, you don't see other minority groups/foreigners employing black Americans but we are quick to give them jobs, our culture etc. but will overlook each other. Okay maybe this isn't the thread for this discussion lol

maybe its not.....I think we take apart just about everything.... :lol: In Gil's defense he's paying it forward, he was given a shot, and became one of Janet's longest creative partners, in turn he used that shot to give back to those in his own backyard, and thanked those that helped him get there, that's called gratitude and Im proud of him for doing so. 

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The Gil & his friends thing, it's just the hollywood rule, it's all about who you know and get seen. Plus I've been talking to Preston from years, and he's let me in on how he got where he is, that Gil can get you a audition, he can help you get oppertunity, but you have to actually be great to get the job. He auditioned to be a dancer for 20 Y.O. and got to the top 50, and he didn't get it, but Makeup was always more his thing so GIl let him know when Fran had a oppening for assistants, and she & Janet looked through everyones portfolio and picked him. The rule of Hallywood and in any position big or small is it's all who you know, but that mostly only gets you  the opportunity to be seen, if you don't have what it takes according to the person doing the hirring, you won't get in.

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