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Why can't I post pics?!?!?


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I'm beginning to get legit frustrated with not being able to post pics (jpgs, gifs, etc) on here..

how tf is everyone else doing it but I can't?? ?

im using safari on my iPhone 6s+ ...I copy the pic, paste the pic in my reply, it shows up in my reply, then I click "post reply" and poof it's gone and nobody can see it (not even me)..

and I've tried the html code also [im.g] [/im.g] (without the periods of course)... Still nada!

what am I doing wrong folks?? ?

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yeah im till having the same prob. Photobucket is the only one that works 100% of the time but im UN Janet at the moment so i just don't feel like doing the extra work of saving the gif/pic on my computer and than having to go on photobucket and upload it just to post it here <_< 

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Found whats causing the error. After using the [IMG.] [/img.] code, you have to hit enter for the video/photo to work. If you don't, you get that stupid error and nothing will work. This fixed the issue for every single site i use to get gifs and images from.

It's stupid, dont know why Invision has such awful coding but hey, at least we found a solution ^_^


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