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Introducing: The Coffee Click. A new political party on planet janet that fights for the right to cuss, argue, and post nudes on ths forum!

King Baby

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Friends, Romans, and cunty men...

I motion we create a new political party to combat censorship, and injustice.

Sarah Palin has her tea party, we have the coffee click.

The tea party fight for less big government, we fight for less big moderation...

The tea party fight for health care repeal, we shall repeal censorship.

If we rally together, we shall once again have the right to post pictures of dicks, balls, bootays and tiddays!

Who is down for the cause? :clapping::clapping::clapping::yahoo::yahoo::excited:

(Quicky exits stage left before Angie comes swinging hatchets :unsure: )

My name is G/D, and I approve of this message. :thumbup:

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Lighten up Boi...

The human body is gorgeous. Why hate? :excited:

All you have to do is bow down to my demands and there will be no issue. :thumbup:

No thanks but ill take your sassy demands to angie so she can ruin them like bobby browns comeback :whistle:

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