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It was AMAZING! She cried during What About. I LIVED for her performing GTIG.  And there was nothing but love in the air even with people I didn’t know. When the Again instrumental came on everybody i

Honestly??? The Body That Loves You took me tf out. I was NOT expecting that. That is my song. Elevator jam.  The crowd was so fucking dead. I was the only one standing in my section. The aunties surr

Ya'll all know damn well ya'll want Janet to have a successful tour. Please cut the act. 

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I think he means the Unbreakable Show/Era is done. This is something NEW. Of course songs from Unbreakable gonna be performed. It's still her most recent album. 

Well hell we knew that already which is why she gave the tour a whole new name lol

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Opening Night basically is considered sold out. So this little promo she did do the past couple days and today on social media helped. Especially that last video concerning Houston.

Groupon tho

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State of The World tour has been receiving alot of press since Janet's video message... What kind of last minute promotion?! :unsure: And promotion with a purpose since her tour is of purpose.. come thru serendipity!!! And you hoes were doubtful :ph34r: :rolleyes:

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In the motel room, and walking out the door in just a moment. 

The excitement is surreal for sure, but above anything I'm just thankful to be inhabiting this space and this time, with such an incredible artist, family of artists to learn from and grow with. Above all, I'm just ready to celebrate with Janet and the JanFam. 

And JanFam= what a perfect name for her fan base. Like a family, we argue. And Lord knows that Janet's career has truly seen its ups and downs. We all know that she's been tested in so many ways that even her contemporaries didn't have to endure. But like family, we're in for the long haul, and still thankful for all that she and the Jacksons have accomplished. 

Ok time to go... #SOTW number 1 y'all!! 


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