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It was AMAZING! She cried during What About. I LIVED for her performing GTIG.  And there was nothing but love in the air even with people I didn’t know. When the Again instrumental came on everybody i

Honestly??? The Body That Loves You took me tf out. I was NOT expecting that. That is my song. Elevator jam.  The crowd was so fucking dead. I was the only one standing in my section. The aunties surr

Ya'll all know damn well ya'll want Janet to have a successful tour. Please cut the act. 

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Apparently the show was the same as usual, nothing even said about the JJ album anniversary, even tho she said on twitter that she’d celebrate it that night at the show (which was mostly just subtle promo for that specific city)..

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Janet backstage at the Anaheim concert. These pictures were posted on Jareiq Kabara (President of A&R of Rhythm Nation Records) Instagram Story



I see she has those white roses like she's always had in her rider. I wonder if she still requests black towels too

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So here's how Janet's show tonight in Fresno is looking so far. My seat is the big orange dot but when I get there i'm gonna see if I can upgrade. Looks like it's close to selling out and i'm sure in a few more hours there will be less seats available. This will be my 1st time since TVR seeing her in an Arena


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