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It was AMAZING! She cried during What About. I LIVED for her performing GTIG.  And there was nothing but love in the air even with people I didn’t know. When the Again instrumental came on everybody i

Honestly??? The Body That Loves You took me tf out. I was NOT expecting that. That is my song. Elevator jam.  The crowd was so fucking dead. I was the only one standing in my section. The aunties surr

Ya'll all know damn well ya'll want Janet to have a successful tour. Please cut the act. 

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I actually like this photo and I love how the light shines on her eyes and you can see the brown in them. Blue eyes and Brown are my faves!

You should be happy that JoeJoe wasn't late posting the videos.  I mean, we could have gotten them in 2018.




let's not lightskin :rolleyes: 

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I use a $30 men's face moisturizer and it works great. If y'all think Janet's shit is expensive look at Madonna's shit. Even her fans are complaining about the price and hell I wouldn't wanna use that shit cause it surely hasn't been working for her.

Learn about the 8 best products below:

1. The Face Wash, $50

What it does: Gently removes pore-clogging dirt, impurities and makeup while locking in moisture and energizing the skin.

2. The Rose Mist, $120

What it does: Helps tone and refresh the look of skin anytime, while also nourishing and relaxing.

3. The Serum, $240

What it does: Provides intensive hydration, nourishment, and brightening for softer, smoother, younger-looking skin.

4. Rejuvenator Set, $600

What it does: Advanced skincare duo that works together to infuse the skin with hydration, nourishment and resilience.

5. Chrome Clay Mask, $120

What it does: Moisturizes and smoothes the look of the complexion while drawing out dirt and impurities. (To be used with Skin Rejuvenator or Magnetic Flow.)

6. Magnetic Flow, $180

What it does: Removes the Chrome Clay Mask while helping to improve circulation, activate pressure points and optimize the appearance of skin vitality, radiance, clarity and shape.

7. The Eye Mask, $50

What it does: Helps dramatically diminish appearance of fine lines, crow’s feet, dark circles and puffiness in the entire C Zone – not just the under-eye area.

8. The Eye Serum, $180

What it does: Helps soothe and revitalize the look of stress and fatigue in the eye area and protect the delicate skin around the eyes from reactive oxygen and other environmental stressors.


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We saw the show last night in concord.. it was incredible.. loved the setlist and seeing it all as one continuous show.. my single complaint is the absence of any pyro, not even the smoke cannons.. don’t get me wrong, the show didn’t need it, but it would’ve made parts of it more exciting.. but overall, an amazing spectacle begging to be seen..

and my babygirl loved it and was so happy to be there ?


(idk why none of my links are showing up anymore)

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