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I dont give a fuck about them (sales), let Janet do her and God bless her because we were told this tour almost didnt happen.....I have my criticisms, and ya'll know me enough, but I wont beat a dead horse either

But you are though with this conversation.

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I'll say this for the ones I think have common sense...

First of all, the fact that y'all think you can dictate who's a fan and who's not is really hilarious. As if you're really that important. And that's no shade.

Most of the arguments and "negativity" on here starts with your fumes over simple statements. It takes two to tango and you all know how to get the party started. Austin's comment would have probably blown over quickly, but immediately after he hit post there were post after post of complaints. (See post about which comments get the most attention.) I mean he clearly stated it was for those who cared about the boxscores. Should he make another thread? Probably not because you will venture there too making the same remarks acting all high and mighty.

This thread has mostly been "positive," so maybe look again.

Beating a dead horse is having this same back and forth every other week about the same thing for two years. "Let Janet live" over and over again as if she won't continue living.

Also, do some of you have lives outside of Janet?

I personally don't care about her boxscores, just think the warped perceptions on here are pretty interesting.

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If she were actually selling out every show, there would be multiple comments or threads on here of fans bragging about it. But since she isn’t, they’re gonna fume over you posting her box score numbers like this.:lol:

You would think I said all of the boxscores are embarrassing. But there's no denying that some of them are. Case and point:

201 Janet Jackson 
BOK Center 
Tulsa, Okla. 
Sept. 17, 2017 
4,315 / 11,146 
1 / 0 
$135.95, $35.95


21 Madonna 
BOK Center

Tulsa, Okla. 

Jan. 14, 2016

But I guess we're supposed to celebrate Janet selling 11k tickets out of 13k in a major US city. :unsure: And then I guess her selling out 80-something percent where there's less than 10k tickets on sell is a "slay". :unsure: 


Now you know they can't help themselves

Of course not. Molehills have to be mountains, and words have to be twisted like dreadlocks. :sigh:


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Dont know why the site is giving me a hard time on my phone.


But Little Rock never had the full arena on sale. Only floor and lower level. Majority of seats were sold after Groupon, so I do think the attendance is real, but the 13900 is wrong and someone at Billboard Boxscore isn't doing their job. 

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