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It's been a while since she's properly toured Europe though. For the festivals, a 2 hour slot is a reach. At least one hour is good enough, cut out the medleys and it'll be a good setlist.

Cities like London, Dublin, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Barcelona, Zurich, Vienna, and Copenhagen can be theaters with the full show, while she can do festivals in UK, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal (Rock in Rio Lisboa), and other countries. Summer time has a TON of huge festivals.

I sooooo agree with this! 

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Yasss my hometown brought the legends out!

I need this Maxwell and Janet collaboration. I want it to make me wet and drip down legs!!!

I've been saying that since Maxwell dropped his first cd. I was in love with it and always wanted him and Janet to make an R&B smash together

Let’s keep her in the black outfit then. I need he to be dancing  

The blue jeans and white top looks better lol. She's definitely singing "Dammn Baby" live. You can hear it at the :43 second mark

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Apparently Gil had an IG live yesterday, someone who watched it posed on twitter

He also confirmed that she's not gonna post no pics of Eissa, there's no album on the way and she's not making any appearances so STOP asking

A double negative. :unsure: 

I believe the album part. Still wondering where fans got that from

Any appearances to what

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