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Janet Jackson Survivor: Unbreakable Edition - WINNER ANNOUNCED

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Special thanks to JanFam @dimpy for the rules and respect. But this is a long time coming. 


Janet’s eleventh studio album & seventh #1 album, Unbreakable was worth the wait.  

There is a selection of songs: in this case it's all the songs from Unbreakable.

- Every [approx.] 48hrs there is going to be a new round

- There isn't going to be a poll, so post your answers here. I'll count them manually.

- Remember to vote for your LEAST favorite

- You will have [approx.] 48 hours to vote for your least favorite song from the tracklist 

- As soon as the round is over, the song with the most votes will get removed from the next round's list

- At the end, there will be only one song remaining. This song will be deemed the winner of Janet Jackson Survivor: Unbreakable Edition!

1. Unbreakable - 6 votes

2. Burnitup feat. Missy Elliott - 4 vote

3. Dammn Baby - 4 Votes it their favorite; 7 Voted it their second favorite

4. The Great Forever - 5 Votes 

5. Shoulda Have Better - 4 Votes

6. After You Fall - 4 votes

7. Broken Hearts Heal -  8 votes

8. Night - 8 Voters for favorite

9. No Sleeep feat. J. Cole- 3 for favorite, 8 for runner up

10. Dream Maker / Euphoria - 5 votes

11. 2 B Loved - 6 Votes* tie breaker

12. Take Me Away

13. Promise of You (the full song) Elminated First; 5 Votes

14. Lesson Learned Tie-Breaker with 5 Votes

15. Black Eagle

16. Well Traveled - 5 Votes

17. Gon’ B Alright - 2 Votes

18. Love U For Life - 4 votes

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What’s wrong with Dream Maker? It’s like the heart of the album

Take Me Away. But Janet read for FILTH in TGF. Honestly, it's one of the stronger tracks on the album.  But some of you have no taste like wypipo cooking.  

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1. Unbreakable

2. Burnitup feat. Missy Elliott

3. Dammn Baby

4. The Great Forever

5. Shoulda Known Better 

6. After You Fall

7. Broken Hearts Heal

8. Night

9. No Sleeep feat. J. Cole

10. Dream Maker / Euphoria 

11. 2 B Loved

12. Take Me Away

13. Promise of You (the full song) (First Elimination - 5 votes )

14. Lesson Learned

15. Black Eagle

16. Well Traveled 

17. Gon’ B Alright

18. Love U For Life

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