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Janet is filming MADE FOR NOW music video in NY

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We are a forum with no geographic boundaries bound together through our beliefs we are NOT like-minded individuals But we share a common vision hoping for a song made for now

How Janet gonna have a song called Made For Now and not release it yet. I'm gonna start treating her like my dates/clients on Grindr, if my profile states 'right now' and you talking about meeting up

I hope that Daddy Yankee feat is a bad rumor. 

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16 hours ago, Voodoo said:

Y'all are always quick to panic...has it even been a week?



Thank you! At least it's getting praise and the black and brown cultures are loving it. Especially the Africans and the Spanish speaking.

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It’s at 20 million views for the first freaking week and it’s catchy. No matter what happens I think it’s a good song and if people don’t wanna support it it’s their loss . The video should be recognized and this should be performed at the Super Bowl .Janet is on another level and we all know it . 

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Not gonna lie I didn’t care too much for it the first day or two but it’s a fukkin ear worm and my daughter and I have had it stuck in our heads for this entire week and it deserves to be performed in front of a larger audience than just Fallon.. hopefully Janet really does end up doing the super bowl again next year and this either opens or closes her set ?? 

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