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Made For Now Music Video

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I love that all these years later Janet is still making music videos that make you have to rewatch it so many times just to notice the small things that Janet and her music video directors will sneak

Me hearing the song: Me watching the video

21 hours ago, Voodoo said:

If I had a complaint, it's that the blue ensemble she wore on the rooftop isn't shown more. That was a lewk! Some true queen shit

So I low-key agree with u

That was my favorite look of the entire video. She looked AMAZING. 

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Took me like 10 replays to actually get into the song but the performance and the video really hit it home for me. As far as streaming and sales.. Numbers are numbers she is 52.and we who are fans are grown up now so she'll never get those killer numbers unless Bruno collab is something crazy good. 

But it's a very solids and Iconic look and video . I hope this can be her big comeback in the later stage of her career that she deserves. Aretha, Tina Turner and Cher all got that final big Era later in there careers and I hope this will be her big run


By the way she is still Killin the moves!!! 

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18 minutes ago, Lenzo88 said:

Tell me why MFN has over 7 million views in just TWO DAYS while it took Dammn Baby to get that amount in TWO YEARS!!! ????

Janet and her team are KILLING IT!!! ???????

I was just about to edit my post to 7 lol. It's already about to pass up her highest viewed video on YouTube

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