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New Rarity alert! Janet & Q-Tip audio conversation in the booth during GTIG


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1 hour ago, Angela said:

So what’s the real tea between these two?

lol! I’ve always said I never thought they were together. She was with Rene, and it sounds like Tip always knew that & was cool with Rene AND at that time Tip was dating Angie Martinez too. 


1 hour ago, Damitajo said:

There's another stem of Janet screaming "What's up n******" it was an unexpected surprise:lmao: 

Where’s that?

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1 hour ago, vibeology said:

Very true. But I'm inclined to believe it was the other ?

That’s what I’m trying to figure out though what would be the other way she blew up? While being married to Rene who was also in the movie & who seems to be in the studio with them & cool with Tip? They definitely seem to have a vibe but idk. 

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5 hours ago, Damitajo said:


Where’s what? That he was dating Angie Martinez during this era? If that’s what you’re asking it’s well known but it’s also in her book. She actually fist fought Wendy Williams because she disrespected him on air & at the time they worked for the same radio station. She insinuated that Tip was gay & closeted...while they were together and everyone knew they were together. 

Angie walked into the studio and beat Wendy’s ass. Literally. 

But if you’re asking where is it that he was cool with Rene you can hear in the recording him speaking to Rene who seems to be outside the booth. He’s even calling his name - not to mention Rene is in Poetic Justice. 

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