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New Janet Book crowd funding


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My friend journalist & Author Craig Seymore who did 2 extensive interviews with Janet for Vibe Magazine (2001 & 2006, and he's released the audio from both and the 2001 I call to date her best & most personal comfortable & intimate interview of her career that we have available) is crowdfunding for a book project about her creative process & career. This guy is a master at this stuff, check his stats his book on Luther is probably the most informative (yet respectful) info about Luther Vandross's life & career that we have to date, and he wants to give our girl the same Justice if he can get the funding:
"While her brother Michael emancipated our fantasies, Janet helps us navigate our realities."
Special: A Critical Meditation of the Life and Artistry of Janet Jackson will be a collection of essays exploring the cultural significance of the iconic, multimedia star written by Craig Seymour, who has extensively interviewed Jackson and written two Vibe magazine cover stories on her.
Among the essays:
"What it Means for Janet Jackson to Finally Be Inducted Into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, or New Rules for Black Creatives"
"Penny's Pain"
"Everything I Know About Sex I Learned From Strawberry"
"When Janet Speaks Of God"
Folks can donate any amount, but $10 gets the ebook and a signed postcard & $20 gets a personalized, signed paperback and the ebook.
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