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New Pic 1/30 - Choreographers Carnival Gives Janet Lifetime Achievement Award

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Word is it's 2 things going on tonight, 1 was a private event in Vegas, the other is the club in LA tonight, she & the crew hopped on a jet as soon as the performance in Vegas was over and is heading right over to the club. CRAZY!!!

*HairNote* If we get a era of Afro's, braids & pony's I WILL LIVE TO DIE!!! In general this look is what I was hoping the Unbreakable look would transition into so I"m WAY pleased, and her giving us full fro for a look in MFN, and kinky curls for the Essence shoot......I want a Janet era with big ass round kinky hair!....but still no expectations....just living for the moment.....watch me not stop!

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The way Janet hugged Paula and sort of bounced a little just before. You could tell they haven't seen each other in a long ass time yet Janet still holds Paula in high regards. That was such a warm and beautiful embrace - different to when she accepts an award from anybody else. 

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2 hours ago, FreelovesJJ said:

I never thought I’d see the day Janet rocks a Tina Turner wig & fans actually feel it’s appropriate 

Right?!?!?! It's ironic as hell that you say that cause her current look reminds me of this picture of Tina And I always thought I could see Janet doing that look justice...and here we are and yes she did (I actually prefer Janets, kinkier, biger, natural/fro like)
Image result for Tina Turner curly hair

Like I told 1 friend last night can we talk about miss thang doing a private show, then private jetting over to get honored within a hour after the show? That's some rock & roll LEGEND type shit that's usually not reserved for anyone under 70

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