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The Metamorphosis Show Setlist


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1 hour ago, jinthahouse said:

Again no expectations just want to see the fans amazingly creative concepts of Janet's new show that is not repetitive but does not sacrifice her "iconicness"

Well we do know a substantial portion of the show will be a RN 30th Anniversary Celebration n IF the new album (maybe of the same name) is released in conjunction with the residency, then I expect the show to be over 2 hours as Janet uses state of the art production and stunning visuals to tell the story of her life from Good Times to Motherhood! If we are gonna do this I say:

*We get a masterful opening! Vegas style with magic, smoke and fire as visuals of Janet from birth to superstardom to trials and tribulations until her victorious entrance on stage ushering a new era of pop redemption*


  1. Opening-*New Song* (Possible First Single From 12th Album)
  2. *New Song* (From 12th Album)
  3. Dammn Baby
  4. What Have You Done For Me Lately
  5. Nasty
  6. When I Think of You
  7. Pleasure Principle
  8. Go Deep
  9. Son of A Gun
  10. Costume Change #1
  11. Jazz Club Medley
  12. Funky Big Band
  13. That’s The Way Love Goes
  14. *New Song* (From 12th Album)
  15. No Sleep
  16. When We Oooo (Probably! 🙄)
  18. Can’t B Good (Yessssss!!! 😡🤬😍❤️)
  19. Black Eagle
  20. Costume Change #2
  21. RN 30th Anniversary Medley
  22. The Knowledge (Solo Performance)
  23. Let’s Dance/Miss You Much
  24. Alright
  25. Love Will Never Do (Without You)
  26. Escapade
  27. Black Cat (Live panthers! Hey it’s Vegas 🤪)
  28. Rhythm Nation 
  29. Costume Change #3
  30. African/Tropical Medley 
  31. Made For Now
  32. Together Again
  33. All For You
  34. Doesn’t Really Matter
  35. Enjoy (Dammit!!! 🤬🤬🤬😊)
  36. *New Song* (From 12th Album)
  37. *New Song* (From 12th Album)
  38. Costume Change #4-Encore
  39. Dance Inferno Medley
  40. If
  41. Feedback
  43. All Nite (Don’t Stop)
  44. Introducing Band and Dancers
  45. *New Song* to wrap up show! 😊✊🏾


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I'd like every song of RN done in at least 1 verse, but eh. no expectations. I'm gonna aim to be at the 1st 1 too so every moment is a surprise. I do love getting the setlist after the 1st show but I only watch videos of certain songs  (the tour staples like When I Think Of You, If, Rhythm Nation, Control era, etc.) but like for the songs on SOTW that she had never touched live, certain ones I purposely didn't watch until being in the room, the exception was Skin Game cause I knew I wasn't gonna see any of the shows where she did that.

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So If she releases a new album I just want her to perform 5 new songs (including Made For Now) so there will hype for the album until the tour which will have more new songs will have elements of surprise


  1. Metamorphis" (Introduction)

  2. "New Song"

  3. “New Song”/”Black Eagle”

  4. “RockwitU"

  5. "The Great Forever”("Dream Maker / Euphoria"Interlude Intro)

  6. "Broken Hearts Heal"/”When We Oooo”

  7. "Alright" (contains elements of Night where she is at the piano singing the chorus then back to the Alright song and elements from Singing In The Rain and some intricate MGM Musical)(6 min performance)

  8. Twenty Foreplay Interlude

  9. "Come Back To Me

  10. "No Sleeeep" Intro (stops from Im About the queen of insominia then slides down the wall and lights out)/”Lonely” Mashup(since the vibe is similar)

  11. Control Medley: "Control" / "What Have You Done For Me Lately" / "Let’s Wait Awhile"

  12. ”The Knowledge” Solo Performance /"Rhythm Nation"(New Agenda Intro)/EMA Dance Breakdown

  13. “Another Day In Paradise”Cover/”Livin In A World They Didnt Make”

  14. "Pleasure Principle"(6-7 min performance of basically hard intricate choreo from the video)

  15. "Dammmn Baby" (Video Interlude)

  16. “All Nite”(Dont Stop)(intro similar to BET 2004)/”BURNITUP”(contains remixed extra solo breakdown from Ms. Jackson)/"Feedback"/”Throb”(BBMAS)

  17. You Aint Right”/”If”

  18. Someday Is Tonight”(acapella short song)

  19. "Black Cat" (with panthers)(with Janet playing the guitar riff on keytar throughout the song except the dance breakdown or just the intro)

  20. "New Album Song" (Instrumental Interlude)

  21. "New Song"

  22. "Miss You Much"

  23. "Escapade"

  24. “Made For Now"(Africa Intro)(contains elements of Got til Its Gone)(at least 6 mins to perform it is a new song

  25. "Together Again" (Video Interlude)

  26. "New Song"

  27. "Shoulda Known Better

  28. “Unbreakable Acapella Vocal Intro”/”Gon B Alright”/(Band and Dancers Intro)”Well Traveled”


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I'm expecting her to perform every song off the Rhythm Nation album. I hope we don't just get short versions of all these songs. "Alright" needs to be done in full with proper costumes to go with the song. I'd actually like her to go from "Alright" to "Funky Big Band" because I think that the golden age era of Hollywood that "Alright" pays tribute to would go well with "FBB".

I'd also like Free Xone to be incorporated somehow. I know that doing the song may not work because it's more spoken word, but I'd like its instrumental to be placed somewhere in the show. Maybe they could mix it with Rhythm Nation.

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I wonder if she’ll do a more chronological set list than she’s ever done before considering the title of the show, plus in the press release it straight up says that it’ll go from her beginnings as a child star, to activist, to motherhood, etc etc so I think it would actually be dope af if she did a more streamlined year to year type of song selection—but who knows.. I’m just excited to see it opening night so I won’t have any spoilers going in and it’ll all be a total surprise

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48 minutes ago, Dal said:

What’s your guys’ thoughts on if she’ll include Scream in the show?

I’d put the O/U at 40% and I’d take the under

she's performed "Scream" since Up Close and Personal dont think she's going to take it away now.

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