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Okay I hate to start a whole new thread on this, but let's talk here. Now as most of us will attest we saw plenty of photos of Eissa and then that stopped entirely, we couldnt see the lil man even walk. Next we see Eissa in his toy car and all new pictures and next this huge announcement from Janet about the residency.

My lil theory here, Janet and Wissam been in court, and somehow Janet got her baby and pictures are clearly back. I think its kinda fucked up if Wissam didnt pay Janet coin post divorce for their arrangement of custody to stop Janet from being able to make money, which means Vegas was decided on by Janet a long time ago, she had to go to court with Wissam

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I think that’s a lot of speculation (not saying you’re wrong)

Hopefully they have reached some agreement since it’s been 2 years post separation/divorce announcement but I don’t think Janet will all of a sudden be posting Eissa. She’s literally only shared one photo of him and everything else is 3rd party/paparazzi.

I really hope for Janet & Eissa that everything is settled. I’m really surprised at the Vegas announcement/tour stuff because I literally thought she would take another extended break but literally she’s on one of her longest runs ever (just without an album)

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1 hour ago, Voodoo said:

I stopped at 'I hate to start a whole new thread'


Janet's personal life is her business, I honestly could give two fucks unless they involve a tacky ass wig and harem pants....you know, stuff that matters :unsure:


you know what?  never mind why I am talking to you, you can't even keep yo fucking nails clean :filenails:

I think Janet may have won custody

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