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Meaning of the song Black Eagle


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Hey guys,

What do you think is the meaning of the song? I just love this song, but I'm not really sure what she is singing about.

In the beginning she says: Once you know, you cannot not know.


What it is that she knows? I don't get it 😆


Btw, why aren't there any songs from the Unbreakable album in the Vegas show. Damm baby could have fit in...


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“No more room #4” is a specific reference to something. Apparently prisoners in foreign countries being densely beaten and killed. Not sure tho. But the Black Eagle is definitely a metaphor for something whether it be a prey or protector of sorts. 🤔 

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It was always clear to me that is was a social umbrella speaking about acceptance of race,sexuality etc. We cant mistreat, bash and/or cast our neighbors away cus of these  difference. 

The line "once you know you cannot not know" 

Is saying..once youve observed injustice (like we ALL have witnessed) you cant turn a blind eye to it and pretend its not there. Ppl who pretend to be oblivious that racism exists and a slew of other issues.


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