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Happy 30th Birthday, Rhythm Nation

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It was a lot of activity on Twitter for the 30th anniversary of RN..It was glorious for the fanbase as a whole.  There is no denying RN impact and influence..and how it still applies today.  And to think she was only like 23/24 creating it.





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I don’t like how I’m older than this album!!!! 😏😝😡🤬🤪

So are we gonna list this legendary album’s Unbreakable (yup! 😝) achievements?!?? 🤔

-The only album to produce 7 top 5 hits off of one album.

-One of a handful of albums to produce 4 #1 hits.

-The only album to place multiple #1s in three consecutive calendar years: 1989-1991.

-Swopping the first annual Billboard Music Awards with 15 wins including Top Pop and R’n’B Album of 1990. Also, the first female artist to swipe a major award show in TV history!

-Janet was the first black female nominated for Producer of the Year at the 1990 Grammys.

-the Rhythm Nation Album made Janet the first and ONLY artist to top the Pop, R’n’B, Rock and Dance Charts with multiple singles from the album.

-The biggest selling album in America for 1990.

-The Rhythm Nation World Tour in 1990 still remains the biggest debut tour in history with over 2 million concert goers around the world.

-6x platinum with over 14 million sold worldwide to date.

-The Rhythm Nation military uniform is STILL regarded as one of the most iconic visuals in pop history; starting the militaristic black suit and key earring trend of the late 80s/early 90s.

-Place on MANY “Best of” lists including “Best Albums of the 80s” and Rolling Stones’ “500 Greatest Albums of All Time”. 

Should I go on.....😳😱👀🤷🏾‍♂️

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