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Janet on Jimmy Fallon? (Monday 2-10)

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I’m sooooooooo glad she participated in this segment! Highlighting her live vocals is a great drive toward the tour. 

I’m still in shock that we ended up getting both an interview AND a performance with this appearance. And it looks like she’s having fun and enjoying herself. This era is already bringing me so much j

At JFK this morning      

Excited to hear about the tour of course, and even MORE excited to hear about the new ALBUM! I'm also happy to see that she's showing off them titties a bit more than she has since Unbreakable, haha. You still look bomb, Janet...show off what your mama gave you! 

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3 hours ago, Dal said:

“Classroom Instruments” segment coming on tomorrow’s episode of Fallon!


Okay I’m VERY excited for the ‘classroom instruments’ segment. Those get a lot of views and I’m just so excited to hear her sing in that type of setting. 

I wonder what song they’ll do. I could see them having a lot of fun with ‘What Have You Done For Me Lately?” Or “Escapade.”

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Now see that’s what I’m saying! Glad to hear she did one of his staple fun segments and of them all - Classroom Instruments! She never usually gives those kinda candid musical moments so this is exciting. I can see escapade as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Nasty since they discussed it. 

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