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The Greatest Hits - Bunifa

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Hello Honey Children!

In light of what has transpired with the passing of a friend who assisted with this entire undertaking and, how long we had been friends and met on here when we were 12 and 13 years old. I decided a few things so 1) the Bunifa Character and the Latoya Character are now retired officially after this post.   We both had so much fun over these 20 years being roudy and ratchet and entertaining everyone with really twisted humor. 


So in light of that and this being the final bunifa post of ALL TIME, i had gone through discs and discs and hardrives of songs we had done over the last 20 years and i laughed, and it was important to laugh because he would would me to laugh, and now im going to share that collection with all of you.   It is on the google drive link below, it is secure and all that. 

Bunifa and Latoya are finished but this is the product of it and i hope everyone gets one last laugh, thanks for twenty years. 


Bunifa - the greatest hits collection



Signing off,



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