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Stephon / Miss Enjoi

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I got a call from his boyfriend yesterday that he passed away earlier in the day. He had been battling an unpredictable ailment for the last few years and it took him. I don’t know how not to personalize this because we were so close, but want to speak on him somehow for those who remember. He was always one of a kind but grew into such an evolved, otherworldly person in his later years away from the forum. Just a beautiful life to behold. I think he started out presenting an older age like I did, but he was younger. He was in his late 20s when he passed. I can’t begin to imagine what his family is going through.


We grew up together in uncharted territory, and the conversations and experiences we shared were far deeper than I’d ever had with any other human before him, save my mother. That relationship kept on and rarely wavered. We grew each other tremendously and I owe so much to him.


So crazy that a shared love of Janet Jackson across an internet forum could bloom something so deep and real. We talked nearly every day for the last 13 years and I can’t wrap my head around the silence. We had gone too long without visiting one another and were plotting a reunion before COVID hit. I can’t begin to express how much I’m going to miss him.

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This year won’t fucking quit. :(

I’m so sorry Kenny. It’s really heartwarming to hear of your relationship. That bond is forever. I hope you’re hanging in there. I’m here if you ever wanna talk. 

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7 hours ago, kennita jo said:

I didn’t mean to be so self-indulgent, was just hard not to make it personal. I didn’t hear about Paul until this year and then this. There just aren’t words. So much loss, and they were so young.


I hope everyone is well! I miss this place.

Your're not being self indulgent at all and here is as good as any considering how your bond was formed. Hope you can find some comfort here.

I vaguely remember the name but not the character.  The more things like this happen, the more im inclined to partake in a video call meet up as @Selzsuggested in another thread...for anyone who wants to partake.

Take care for now 💓

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Wow. I do remember Stephon and thought he was hilarious. I definitely thought he was older and am shocked and saddened to hear this news. I feel like I need to start avoiding these threads because I knew what it was about before I clicked but my heart dropped. 

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