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The Best Discography by a Female Artist???


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I was just thinking about Rhythm Nation album being inducted into the National Recording Registry and it had me thinking, could Janet’s discography be the most influential, iconic, celebrated and consistent discography by ANY female artist??? 😳🤔

The BIG FOUR alone have been regarded as the best run of classic albums EVER. “Control”-“The Velvet Rope” are constantly brought up in greatest albums of all time lists, talked about their innovative reinvention, creating a new music genre, a timeless look into social issues plaguing our country and sexual liberation that inspired future female pop stars like Gaga and Rihanna. I honestly can’t think of any other female artist who’s multiple bodies of work are so revered! Madonna is the only one I can think of. “Unbreakable” is already a classic album that made numerous best of lists in 2015 and will stand the test of time as one of the best albums from the 2010s or any previous decade! “Damita Jo”, despite my reservations of it, has been looked at again in recent years and said to be her most underrated album that still feels striking and innovative for its time despite the rehashing of extremely sexual themes. 🤔

What do you think??? 🤔👍❤️

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