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The Legendary Official R I H A L L A H Thread

DJ Y2K Malone™

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Yes I did and I think I'm going to like this album

It doesn't sound that impressive jusging by the snippets though - and there's enough of the snippets to make a judgement (1minute 30 secs). Hopefully the full versions will sway me :).

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i love numb, Loveeeeee song, jump (omg dubstep!), What Now, stay (love her voice in this one), nobody's business (wow i like this one! very different from what i expected), Love without tragedy (needs to be a single), Get it over with, no love allowed, lost in paradise

half of me is the weakest track IMO, that simple ass beat

i love this album it's eclectic, and chill, like all her albums it has something for everybody

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Quick review of the UNAPOLOGETIC snippets!!

1. Phresh Off The Runway - cute.

2. Diamonds - IN LOVE.

3. Numb - relaxing.

4. Pour It Up - ratchet.

5. Loveeeee Song - grinding and freaking song.

6. Jump - this will tear up the clubs!

7. Right Now - reminds me of "Loud" era.

THIS is where the album really picks up momentum.

8. What Now - nice arrangement.

9. Stay - REALLY need the full version.

10. Nobodys Business - this is lush.

11. Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary - one of my favorites, very 80s.

12. Get It Over With - laid back, low key...beautiful!

13. No Love Allowed - gonna wine to this one.

14. Lost In Paradise - another nice arrangement, that chorus!!

15. Half Of Me - mellow, like a electro The Script/The Fray song.

Victoria's Secrets Fashion Show (she performs "Diamonds" and "Phresh Off The Runway")

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