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The Legendary Official R I H A L L A H Thread

DJ Y2K Malone™

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LOVES IT, my review

1.Fresh Off The Runway= A, LOVES IT, gives me Cockiness


3.Numb=C.....................disapointed as hell, it starts off so good and the beat is good but I'm just not feeling it, maybe it'll grow on me, idk, I expected alot betta, but it has potential to grow on me I guess.

4.Power Up=D............not feeling it, dont see this 1 growing on me

5.Loveee Song C-, I give it a low grade because of "The Future" he sounds like shit on here.

6.Jump=A LOVES IT OMG!!!!!

7.Right Now= A, MUST BE A SINGLE,

8.What Now=A, her vocals kill, I think it's single worthy

9.Stay=A, LOVE IT, its really eerie and haunting and just good

10.Nobodies Business= A-, I hate that I love this song, I give it a minus only for having Chris..........I really don't like him on it

11.Love Without Tragedy-Mother Mary=A, SHE BETTA GIVE ME THE 80'S!!!! This is so 80's pop and I love that

12.Get It Over With=B, I like it, I like it alot.


14.Lost in paradise=B, Sounds great, love the vocals.

Overall, I give this album a A, I like more tracks 1st listen on here than I did Talk That Talk & Loud, and as a whole I like it more than TTT.

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