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The Velvet Rope 25th anniversary


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For those who were around at the time of release, what were your memories of this era?

I remember October 7 1997 being a public holiday here, which meant all the shops were closed for the day. I was so pissed 🤣. I had to wait until the following day to get my copy. 

I remember getting home after buying the album and playing it immediately and on first listen not being as grabbed by it as I had hoped. I liked it, but didn’t love it in the way I loved the janet album. That didn’t take long to change though; it grew on me very quickly to the point that I did (and still do) love it.

I remember chatting in the Friends of Janet chat room, and interacting with other fans on the Miss Janet mailing list. The whole Go Deep 3.57 mystery still comes to mind every now and then. 😎

And at the time of me writing this, the new Deluxe Edition of The Velvet Rope is sitting pretty at #6 here on the Australian iTunes album chart, which is pretty cool.



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I came back here. …. To say that I realized it was 25 years tonight and I immediately turned on the album. I have to admit I have not listened to it in over a decade. I… I grew up my music tastes changed I mostly listen to folk music now. The album is timeless. 

I was 11 when it came out and I remember making my mommy take me to circuit city to get the album lol.  And when I turned 18 the sakofa was my first tattoo. Im 36 now and I remember the old board on JJ.com and I remember her showing up on the message boards.   

ummm.  VELVET ROPE. 25 years.  A lifetime ago but it doesn’t feel like it. 




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I saw the TVR tour live in Europe in spring 1998 and I became a fan ever since! I was only 14 then, so young! the album was my teenage soundtrack! Even though I didn't really live the topics myself yet at that time :D. I became such a huge Janet fan and truly loved her art. I remember the Miss Janet chatroom (Dutch server) & I even ordered the Friends of Janet or was it Miss Janet magazine. I collected memorabilia and just loved her! I'm forever ever thankful that I got to see her on the Velvet Rope tour, it was such a special show. I've seen many artists ever since but that was truly special. ❤️

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awwww I was a young 20 something in my first apartment, and back then CDs would be on the street before the actual store release, so some shops would have the CD and promo already, and I bought mine from a small black owned music shop.

I remember always reading the liner notes in the CD booklet, it was so crisp and smooth, and the smell of a new CD being opened is unique. I loved the photos, I recall a lot of people loved the album because it had so many layers and beats. I honestly loved the VR right out the gate.

Janet's sales were always a talking point, and because GTIG was the first single, the album sales didnt take off right away, I dont know why Janet was always being put to this litmus test of being "legit" but even during the VR era she was, BUT after the release of TA, talks of the album sales went away 

MTV was the go to for promo, and Janet did a ton with Bill Bellamy

I listened to the album in my apartment from my speakers for the first time :wub:  and it was just this grand ride of sonic sound and artistry, the VR project was beautiful. I remember the tour started in Europe, and she wore her hair differently as well as the red jacket to open the show. I saw her on tour in the summer in Detroit, when my best friend and I from the floor 15th row met Rene, he talked about the show being like a play in three acts and how the crew had just came back from vacation to some tropical place, Rene was very tan, and looked great in person, at the time, he sat down with my best friend and I and talked with us for awhile, we didnt ask to meet Janet, kinda sucks that I have loved Janet this much this long and never met her, she did grab my hand in Detroit on AFY tour front row thou :wub: during STCML  

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