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Paris Hilton new album coming soon

DJ Y2K Malone™

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That's right! Paris Hilton has announced that she will be releasing her new album "in the next few months." :lmao:

To refresh your memory, Hilton released her debut album "Paris" back in 06' and despite receiving little promo, the album has sold 2.3 million copies worldwide. It spawned one hit, "Stars Are Blind."

She has a new show on Oxygen (The World According to Paris) debuting in the spring, but didn't reveal too many details about the album, Hilton wants to keep her collaborators and producers "a surprise."


Just like her first effort I'm probably going to hate everything about it. Even though many may disagree she delivered a solid pop album, "Nothing In This World" was ok. I'm excited and ready to throw up all at once! :&

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Elixabef, definitely check out "Jealousy", "I Want You" and possibly "Nothing In This World" . . . I think all 3 will be right up your alley. ^_^

Also "Turn It Up" and "Turn You On". I'm surprised you hadn't heard some of her stuff, if only for shits and giggles :lol: Her music is honestly good though . . . I too didn't get the Paris hype at the time of the release of 'Paris', and I wasn't a fan by any means. I got curious after hearing "Stars Are Bllind" and needless to say, I bought the album and was very impressed by it, I like 7 of the 12 tracks which was very surprising to me at the time. I can without a doubt say that out of everything Paris has done to date (Acting, Writing, Desiginig, Public Speaking, developing fragrance etc.) her music has been the most impressive.

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