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what is going on with Demi Levato


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When Demi Lovato was admitted to rehab last week, we knew the flood gates would be opened and her past would be put under close scrutiny for signs of where she went wrong. Just as we feared, sources have come forward to confirm Demi's abuse of not only alcohol, but cocaine as well.

A college student from Texas, speaking to Life & Style, alleges that he once spent a night with Demi, back when she was 17, drinking and doing cocaine at a local party. The source claims that he clearly remembers the night the pair spent going to a local concert and returning to a friend's house party last December. Once back at the house, he recalls seeing Demi doing "line after line like a pro" of cocaine, which "didn't seem like something new to her."

Well, thankfully she has friends like this guy, who not only didn't try to stop her from partying too hard, but also sold her out as soon as it was profitable. Very nice.

As for more recent occurrences, other sources recall that shortly after her split with Joe Jonas, Demi start taking up drinking heavily, often drinking "straight from the bottle." It was only after Demi socked her backup dancer in the face did her parents become aware of her abuse of alcohol and quickly stepped in to shuttle her to rehab.

and now there is a tape of her doing lines

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